The Boondock Saints (1999)

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Director: Troy Duffy

Stars: Willem Defoe, Sean Patrick Flannery, Norman Reedus

Runtime:  108 min

The Boondock Saints is a movie about two brothers who look at their city being overrun by its evil under-belly and decide to do something about it. The story follows these two brothers as they take measures that the legal system cannot. In a world where the only repercussion for horrible atrocities is a bill for a great lawyer and a slap on the wrist, they give the city’s criminals a real reason to change their ways. And they get the justice for the victims, all the way from the street soldiers to the mob bosses.

Everyone loves a good action movie where the protagonist prevails in an epic battle with guns blazing and bullets flying. What The Boondock Saints has that other action movies fall short on, is real plot. These heroes are far from perfect and don’t have a billion dollar bank roll or super powers from a freak accident. They are your everyday Irishmen, who drink and have an amazing sense of humor. As a movie comes to a close, you laugh, you cry, you see some great action scenes and you’re sorry it has to end. Don’t worry though, the brothers are back for Boondock Saints 2.

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